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Audrey's Starter Scope of Work: Photography

Photography project
Deliverable Type
Edited Final Deliverables 🖱️
Typical Project Length
 10 - 15 days

The Scope

Audrey's Tips for a scope summary 1. Write what the brand needs in laymen's terms. 2. Breakdown the deliverables that they should expect 3. Standard overview of terms and usage * All imagery in this scope template is property of Audrey Tappan. You must replace with your own sample work or images before publishing/sharing.

Project Details

1   Set of Edited Photographs

Process & Approach

Discovery Call Pre-Production Planning Photoshoot Photo Editing Final Delivery

Who's on the Team
Photo Editor

What's Included
Full studio included

Things to Note
Work Hours (8 AM - 6 PM)
Available Add-on Services
Hard drive


10 - 15 days minimum project length

February 2023
March 2023
April 2023
May 2023
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